Truckenstein 9

There’s no rap artist on the face of the earth who embodies the clique “a new breed of emcee” quite the same way as Little Rock’s notorious Mad Trucker. This can especially be said of Truckenstein-9, his latest progressive juggernaut featuring the hi-fi electronic production of Arkansas’ best-kept-secret Emperor Haynes. Now no longer a mere lo-fi /left-field battle poet, Trucker has embraced the future of post horror-core and is prepared for an arena more akin to the IDM scene known for embracing the glitchy beats of Aphex Twin, and the angular rhymes of Beans from the Anti-Pop Consortium. While comparisons are often drawn to the avante-aggro rhymes and beats of Definitive Jux founder El-P, and the analog keyboards and metaphor-drenched fantasies of Kool Keith, Trucker’s latest outing has critics and skeptics alike scratching their heads as he reaches full stride and swerves far clear of such comparisons. For an album comprised of only an unlucky 13 tracks, any one of these could require a long list to make any accurate comparisons. Hard break beats and gritty/esoteric sound effects with down-tempo drum-n-bass and knife’s-edge synth lines, these are all just a canvas for disassociated imagery to be splashed like paint. As another added rule broken, the album features an eerie subversive blues guitar presence floating among the other peculiar debris that amasses to form this razor sharp space rap. More than a mere trashy ICP-esque rehashing of Cypress Hill, Truckenstine-9 draws its inspiration instead from painters and electronic rock. The rhymes are equal parts fast abstract wordplay, introspective fantasy, and deranged state-of-the-world address. Many rap groups have tried to merge sophistication with violent metaphor, but Tech Nine could hardly be considered an abstract expressionist. Trucker on the other hand is less Eminem and more Beastie Boys b/w a forward-thinking production that at times sounds like Crystal Method swallowing the Gravediggaz. Recklessly Zooted is both relentlessly progressive and deeply challenging as it clashes hyper-depressed paranoia with witty absurdity over a musical landscape as dynamic as it is experimental.